High quality gear is a necessity for high quality recording. Clear Cut Acoustic houses industry renowned, world class gear, both new and vintage, to provide our clients with the highest quality recording possible. Our tools of the trade:

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Trident Series 80 Console with
Uptown moving fader Automation

Various mixing consoles from Mackie

Focusrite 215
API 312 (Brent Averill Enterprises)
Millenia Media HV-3
Studio Technologies Mic•PreEminence
Valley People Gain Brain (4)

Dynamics Processors
Tubetech CL1B Tube Compressor
Urei LA-4 (2)
dbx 165a
dbx 166 (2)
Drawmer DL241 (2)
Pultec EQH-2 equalizer
Kepex compressor (4)

Time-based Processors
Lexicon PCM 42
Lexicon PCM 70 (2)
TC Electronics M2000
Yamaha SPX 90

Genelec 1031A
Tannoy LGM
Yamaha NS10 M